Vessel Subsidy Map

Between 1994 and 2006, European fishing vessels were paid €3.4 billion in subsidies under the EU's Financial instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG). €2.3 billion of this was from the EU budget, and a further €1.1 billion was paid from national budgets under the FIFG's co-financing rules. 48 per cent of the money was spent on building or modernising vessels. 40 per cent was spent on scrapping vessels. A total of 39,174 subsidy payments were made.

All the payments are shown on the interactive map below. Payments are grouped by port, clearly revealing the geographical distribution of funds, both across the continent and within member states, including the outermost regions. The map also provides summaries of all payments to individual ports with links to the vessel pages at

The map does not show other subsidies to the fisheries sector, such as tax breaks on fuel or fuel aid, state aids, or payments for access to non-EU fisheries through Fisheries Partnership Agreements. Nor does it include FIFG payments that are made to recipients other than vessels (e.g. port authorities, producer groups and processing plants).

Unfortunately, the European Commission and EU member states no longer publish information on which vessels have received subsidies. It is therefore not possible to include subsidies from 2007 onwards in this map. We are campaigning to get access to this information and if we do, we will update the map with the new data.